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Migratory ducks (updated)

This week some Hooded Mergansers visited downtown Providence – it continues to amuse me that I often see more species in the urban environment than I do when hiking in wildlife preserves – and I get closer to them too. Ducks are not raptors, of […]


atlantic puffins in boothbay harbor, maine

I took a trip to Boothbay Harbor, Maine, on a mission to photograph the atlantic puffin colony: With those big colorful beaks, dark soulful eyes and a penguin-like appearance, it’s hard not to like them. Puffins can typically be found in the very chilly waters […]


great blue heron posing in providence

In addition to the annual swan nest in downtown Providence, there is often a great blue heron at this location. I’m not sure why – I rarely see any fish in the shallow canal. I snapped these pictures today… the female is keeping her eggs […]


swans nesting in downtown providence

Every spring since 2008, I’ve watched swans sitting on eggs in downtown Providence, eagerly awaiting sight of the babies… and when they arrive, it’s truly adorable. But then it gets sad as they start to disappear one by one… likely due to predators like the […]

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best of 2010: downtown ducklings

13 July 2010: I didn’t find any hawks or falcons on this day last summer, but luckily found this adorable group of ducklings just as the sunshine sparkled on the water’s surface. My pictures were featured on © 2010 Peter Green. All rights reserved. […]