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Exclusive Raptor Feathers T-shirt (Birds of Prey)

Top row: Red-tailed Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, Bald Eagle, Coopers Hawk, Harris’s Hawk. Bottom row: Red-shouldered Hawk, Great Horned Owl, Immature Golden Eagle, Male Kestrel, Female Kestrel Available in many styles and sizes for kids and adults, and in many colors CLICK HERE TO CUSTOMIZE AND […]


VIDEO: Barred Owl in Providence Nov2018-Feb2019

The Barred Owl remained downtown hunting rodents for four months


Barred Owl eating a rat in downtown Providence

Amazingly, there’s been wild Barred Owl downtown this month preying on rats and pigeons. It’s great to see this beautiful raptor hunting successfully in the urban environment. Barred Owls are usually found in woodlands and suburbs, but have been moving into cities now too. Why […]


Burrowing Owls and more in Southern California

Burrowing Owls are adorable little raptors that actually live in the ground. They occupy burrows made by squirrels, foxes, skunks and other mammals. They are not found in the Northeast, so when I recently had reason to be in San Diego, I drove out to […]


Great Horned Owls nest in Great Blue Heron rookery

Great Horned Owls do not build their own nests – they use cavities in trees or take over nests built by other large birds. In the following series, an owl took over a nest built by a Great Blue Heron and raised her own owlets […]

Snowy Owl portrait

Injured Snowy Owl Returns to Freedom

After I spent weeks photographing a wild Snowy Owl in Providence through a zoom lens like a paparazzi, getting to “meet” this owl was, for me, like meeting a celebrity. The stunning beauty seen here was found injured on November 26th at Quonset Airport. She […]


Snowy Owl in Providence, Rhode Island

Early in December, I was extremely lucky to find a Snowy Owl here in Providence. Amazingly, I seemed to be the only person aware of the owl at the time, so I visited often to photograph and observe its behavior through my zoom lens. I’m […]


Northern Saw-Whet Owl returns to freedom

This little Northern Saw-Whet Owl was hit by a car in Barrington, RI, and suffered a concussion but no broken bones. He is assumed to be just under a year old. After a week of rehabilitation (rest and mice) in the caring hands the Born […]


Eastern Screech Owlets in Providence

Eastern Screech Owls are one of my favorite birds, so this photo series is very special to me. It took many weeks of persistence and bike rides to complete this series. Many days I saw nothing at all, but I ended up with more than […]


screech owls, bald eagle and my first merlin

Some days I go looking for raptors and find nothing at all… other days I get lucky and find owls, eagles, a merlin, and more. These pictures were all taken yesterday in Providence – a very lucky day. My Eastern Screech Owl pictures were featured […]


Owls and more at Blue Hills Trailside Museum, MA

I recently visited the Blue Hills Trailside Museum in Milton MA where I will be displaying seven large photos through the remainder of the year. The friendly staff gave me a behind-the-scenes tour to meet their resident raptors. All of the birds are either injured […]


banding barn owls in rhode island

Yesterday I joined wildlife officials to check various Barn Owl nest boxes around Rhode Island and band any nestlings found inside. Fittingly, the first stop was a barn and there were four healthy nestlings at various stages of development. Unlike the Peregrine Falcon banding when […]


Great Horned Owlets in Massachusetts

It’s always a thrill to see wild owls – especially fluffy owlets… © 2012 Peter Green. All rights reserved. © 2012 Peter Green. All rights reserved. © 2012 Peter Green. All rights reserved. And here’s mom watching nearby… © 2012 Peter Green. All rights reserved. […]


snowy owl and northern harrier in duxbury, ma

After watching this beautiful video about a rare invasion of Snowy Owls into the United States this winter, I made it my mission to get pictures of the elusive raptor that usually remains up in arctic regions. After receiving a tip from another friendly photographer, […]


eastern screech owls

As this video explains, screech owls are nearly impossible to see due to their amazing camouflage. In fact, I had never found one before today – I had luck on the east side of Providence – two Eastern Screech Owls napping in their homes: © […]


A great day with a great horned owl

Seeing a wild Great Horned Owl is a beautiful experience. I feel lucky to have spent time with one today in Providence. Just me and the huge owl alone in the woods for an hour as the sun slowly set… incredible. © 2011 Peter Green. […]


raptor weekend 2011 in rhode island

It was another awesome Raptor Weekend in celebration of birds of prey, thanks to the Audubon Society of Rhode Island, featuring presentations by Talons, Eyes on Owls and more. It seemed like a big turnout this year too — beautiful weather and lot of adorably […]