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red-bellied woodpecker tree hole

I’ve visited this tree hole a few times hoping to spot a pileated woodpecker, but always came up empty. Today I saw the true homeowners, red-bellied woodpeckers – not the large bird I was hoping for, but still very cool. Every few minutes, mom or […]


111 Photographs of 111 Westminster Street

Here’s one of my other projects, “111 of 111”. I took 111 photos of 111 Westminster St throughout 2011 to document the changing skies behind the iconic tower. Order the 20″x28″ poster for just $20 » Free Shipping in the USA » Includes all 111 […]


providence raptors window display

My photography is on display thru the month of April 2011 in the windows of 65 Eddy Street in downtown Providence, behind City Hall. To purchase canvas prints, please click here. © 2011 Peter Green. All rights reserved. © 2011 Peter Green. All rights reserved.


foster parrots / exotic wildlife sanctuary

Foster Parrots is an amazing exotic bird sanctuary in southern Rhode Island run by Marc Johnson and Karen Windsor. The exotic bird trade is a huge problem… countless species are becoming extinct in the wild, and there are thousands of unwanted pets in need of […]