Snow Leopards and Red Pandas in the snow


February was the perfect time to visit Roger Williams Park Zoo to photograph their beautiful Snow Leopards playing in the snow. Maliha is the female […]

Highway Hawks


If you see a raptor perched along the highway, chances are it’s a Red-Tailed Hawk. You certainly may see other raptors, but in my experience […]

The Mis-Adventures of Krypto the Peregrine Falcon in Providence


We first saw Krypto in early May 2014 – one of hatchlings on the webcam hosted by the Audubon Society of Rhode Island. Each spring, […]

Bald Eagles and Ospreys fishing in Providence RI


Bald Eagles have been spotted in greater numbers across Rhode Island this year, especially in Autumn during migration season. Eagles eat fish, so they patrol […]

Killdeer hatchlings in Providence


A Killdeer is a medium-sized plover with an unfortunate name but truly adorable babies. I photographed this endearing scene while on a lunch break in […]

Peregrine Falcons at the Cranston Street Armory


I’m often asked, “Do you know what has become of any of the Peregrine Falcon nestlings that have been banded in Providence?” – and now […]

Great Horned Owls nest in Great Blue Heron rookery


Great Horned Owls do not build their own nests – they use cavities in trees or take over nests built by other large birds. In […]

Peregrine Falcon banding day in Providence 2014


Since 1999, the same female peregrine falcon ruled downtown Providence and raised over 30 nestlings. She was a beautiful bird, and 14 years is an […]

Red-Tailed Hawks Nest on Fire Escape in Providence


Back in 2010, a pair of Red-Tailed Hawks constructed a nest and raised their chicks on a fire escape in downtown Providence. The location was […]

Injured Snowy Owl Returns to Freedom

Snowy Owl portrait

After I spent weeks photographing a wild Snowy Owl in Providence through a zoom lens like a paparazzi, getting to “meet” this owl was, for […]

Snowy Owl in Providence, Rhode Island


Early in December, I was extremely lucky to find a Snowy Owl here in Providence. Amazingly, I seemed to be the only person aware of […]

Autumn Owls, Eagles, Hawks and more in Providence


Changing leaves provide beautiful colors for my photos this time of year. It’s great to see the Eastern Screech Owls back in their tree hole […]

kestrels outside my window


Lucky for me, pigeons and starlings roost on the building across the street from my loft – this attracts kestrels, the smallest of all falcons, […]

Mission: Moose


Needing a vacation and hoping to see some new wild animals, I took a trip to Moosehead Lake in Maine, stayed on Moosehead Mountain, and […]

Young Peregrine Falcon rejoins her family on aircraft carrier


Above is the USS Saratoga, a huge decommissioned aircraft carrier currently docked at Naval Station Newport. Suprisingly, it is also the home a family of […]

Pawtucket Peregrine Falcon returns to freedom


Two juvenile peregrine falcons, approximately eight weeks old, were recently picked up by DEM officers in Pawtucket, RI. Both young raptors were found on the […]

Eastern Screech Owlets


Eastern Screech Owls are one of my favorite birds, so this photo series is very special to me. It took many weeks of persistence and […]

Peregrine Falcon Banding Day in Providence 2013


Today I accompanied the brave wildlife officials who annually band the peregrine falcon nestlings here in Providence – the one day I can get close […]

Northern Saw-Whet Owl returns to freedom


This little Northern Saw-Whet Owl was hit by a car in Barrington, RI, and suffered a concussion but no broken bones. He is assumed to […]

screech owls, bald eagle and my first merlin


Some days I go looking for raptors and find nothing at all… other days I get lucky and find owls, eagles, a merlin, and more. […]

American Kestrels need your help


Launched in response to kestrel population declines, The American Kestrel Partnership is a network of citizen and professional scientists working to advance kestrel conservation. I […]

Migratory ducks (updated)


This week, I was pleasantly surprised to see hooded mergansers here in downtown Providence – it continues to amuse me that I often see more […]

hungry hawk hunting in Providence


Some days, it seems I’m the only person who notices a hawk perched in plain sight… © 2013 Peter Green. All rights reserved. Walking in […]

Born To Be Wild – Kestrel Release in Providence


Today I photographed the successful release of an adult male kestrel that was rehabilitated by the Born To Be Wild Nature Center. The nonprofit — […]